On 1 March 2018, the Superdiversity Centre, NZ Asian Leaders, SUPERdiverse WOMEN and the Ministry for Women launched the #myidentity campaign – an inclusive initiative to increase acceptance of the diverse identities of New Zealanders to grow this country’s social and financial capital.

It is not just about being of a particular race, or ethnic origin or gender. We all have many affiliations that make us who we are. We need to accept that we are all diverse, and be accepting of the different ways in which people choose to identify themselves.

Remember that diversity is about difference and true inclusion is to accept each other for all of our differences – whether that is race, ethnic origins, ancestry, geographic origin, gender, citizenship/residence, religion, sexual orientation, religion, employment or profession, sports interest, taste in music, the languages we speak, our class, social commitments and politics, but to name a few.  That makes us all diverse in our unique way – men and women.

NZ is a prime example where an increasing number of citizens and permanent residents were not born here and yet identify themselves as committed New Zealanders, as kiwis. We also have second, third, fourth and fifth generation New Zealanders from immigrant origins, making for identities that are hyphenated, multiple, and fluid.

The #myidentity challenge will bring forth the various aspects of our stories that often resist the tidy classifications of official narratives.

What we asked of a few select New Zealanders?

Record a short 1 minute video talking about your identity and share it with us. Take a glimpse into the identities of a few NZers

So go ahead, take the challenge, share with the world your identity. It is not about us or them. It is all of “us”.